Loving your living


I was in a training this week put on by our association of Realtors. It was a good use of time with lots of great information but a few things stuck out that I wanted to share… they pertain to real estate of course but also life and being satisfied. 

Right now we hear a lot of talk about the changing market and how its going to be tough in 2023.  However, I don’t subscribe to that fear.  It is hard every year. When the market was booming it was hard to keep up and hard for buyers to compete for a purchase. Each year just presents different challenges.  The trainer said “You can’t compare 2023 to 2021 or 2022”.  It’s a different year.

We need to change our expectations and be satisfied in what is happening now. The values on Cape are holding high and inventory is the issue. We just don’t have enough homes to sell, for the number of people who want to buy.  Interest rates are around 6.5% which was the rate on my first house… it’s not a bad rate, it’s just not as great has 2.8%

So, this year real estate agents are going to have to work again! They will need to hold open houses, maybe show the house for a month or two and remember how to negotiate lol. 

Just like in life, we can’t compare ourselves to others. My kids play middle school soccer. I don’t compare them to the high school team. Eventually they will get there, they just have to work and stay focused.


…don’t we all?