First Impressions


First impressions are HUGE!

I recently had a new door installed at my office. The door that was included was a slab, non-descriptive wood door. I wanted to stand out and make a good first impression.

I say the same thing to my clients, “You get one chance to make a good impression.” The same is true when someone visits my office.

We’re all guilty of judging a book by its cover, or a house by its picture. Today’s real estate market highlights this more than ever.

The first picture on a listing is the most important part of the listing. Especially in an era of serial searching. Think about how you search for homes. If you’re like 97% of buyers, you’re searching online and over 73% of the time you’re doing it on your smartphone or tablet. IF the lead picture grabs your attention you’ll look for more details.

Its your curb appeal but on a much more important lawn. How can you expect someone to come look at you’re beautifully landscaped yard and freshly painted exterior if they won’t look past your first listing picture?

Hire an agent who uses a professional photographer. No matter how “good” your agent says they are at photographing… they are not as good as a pro.

I used my cell phone to take the picture of my new door because I was excited to show everyone but it also highlights the difference between an amateur photographer and a pro.

Do what works.

-Brian Greer, Broker/Owner